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With a short and stiff fiberglass blade, the Shooter monofin builds a quick and powerful butterfly kick, while improving flexibility in feet and ankles. Allows for race pace kick speed while working abdominal muscles, lower back, quadriceps and gluteus. The Shooter is a useful tool for underwater drills, breaststroke technique and butterfly conditioning.

SHORT AND STIFF FIBERGLASS BLADE Allows for race pace tempo DRILL TRAINING TOOL Works well for breaststroke drills, backstroke underwater work and side kicking STRENGTH TRAINING Builds core muscles including abs, lower back, quads and gluteus FLEXIBILITY Increases range of motion in feet and ankles LONG DISTANCE BUTTERFLY Ideal for butterfly training to maintain a strong, composed stroke EARLY TECHNIQUE DETECTION High speeds enable important streamlining adjustments STRONG KICK Develop a powerful, hip-generated dolphin kick

Size (code) US Male US Female Euro M (05) Blue 6.5-8 7.5-9 38-40 L (06) Green 8.5-10 9.5-11 41-43 XL (07) Orange 10.5-12 11.5-13 43-45 XXL (08) Black 12.5-16 13.5-17 46-49 *If you are in between sizes, users with a wider foot should size up. Otherwise we recommend sizing down for a tighter fit.