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Aqua Trend Water Workout Station 2022 - 2023

Aqua Trend Water Workout Station 2022 - 2023
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Product Description

Aqua Trend Water Workout Station 2022 - 2023
The Aquatrend Water Workout Station takes advantage of the healthy properties of the aquatic environment. You can effectively perform cardio, strength training, and flexibility exercises all while the buoyancy of the water protects your joints. Lightweight yet durable, the compact, easy to install Aquatrend is perfect for anyone who wants to workout without the sweat.

The Aquatrend Water Workout Station is a potential medical aquatic device, not an exercise toy. There is no other single product that can claim that the system provides Anaerobic, Aerobic, and Flexibility activities all from one single piece of equipment. Built of Stainless Steel that holds up in water, this device will give you hours of great water workouts in the water where it is cool and effective. Add the SPLASH Water Spats to increase your resistance and load in the water to become even stronger!

For more exercises add the SPLASH Exercise Manual to your purchase. The reference manual for water exercises lists all exercises for water and the muscles and muscle groups your are targeting. For your convenience, the manual is offered in a laminated version that can be taken poolside!

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