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BEMA Schwimmflugels

BEMA Schwimmflugels
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Product Description

BEMA Schwimmflugels
Product Description BEMA Schwimmflugel Arm Bands for Baby to Adult Made from Heavy-gauge laminated PVC and featuring large valves for easy inflation, the Scwimmflugel Water Wings are the best arm bands on the market! Dual air chambers, with revolutionary extra inner compartment to prevent collapse from puncture. Seams are smooth, and a flat area at the bottom allows for full arm movement. Wear in conjunction with SPLASH SPATS for an incredible leg workout in water. (SPLASH! SPATS keep the Flugels from riding up on your legs).

Size Options:

Baby (baby to 2 yrs)

Small (2 to 4 yrs)

Medium (4 to 12 yrs)

Large (12 yrs to adult) 9406L