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DVDs for Water Exercise

DVDs for Water Exercise
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Product Description

Karen will transform the most popular water toy ever invented to an effective piece of water exercise equipment. Learn how to use the noodle for stability, buoyacy, and added resistance. This workout will include cardiovascular and strength training exercises. Equipment needed: 1 full length noodle and 2 half-length noodles (if available) per participant.

Our #1 bestseller!!! Voted "Best Shape-Up video" by SELF Magazine, Karen takes on of the most popular water toys ever invented and turns it into an effective, inexpensive and fun piece of water exercise equipment. You'll learn variations holding the noodle, sitting on the noodle, and even standing on the noodle. After the aerobic section, you'll learn how to use the noodle for a phenomenal abdominal workout. The noodle also provides added resistance for unique and effective strengthening and toning for the upper and lower body.

Running Time 47 minutes