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Exclusive SPLASH! Gaitor Gloves (limited quantity)

Exclusive SPLASH! Gaitor Gloves (limited quantity)
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Product Description

Offered exclusively by SPLASH! International, Inc. Invented by SPLASH! to use in conjunction with SPLASH! Spats for Deep Water Running. Challenge your arms and build muscles while you build up your leg muscles. SPLASH! gaitor gloves also enhance your workout by relieving shoulder stress by spreading the buoyancy factor throughout the arm as opposed to isolating it to the should joint. Use them in conjunction with our handbars. You'll love our innovation for deep water exercise (and shallow water exercise!). Exclusive to SPLASH, Spats and Gaitors are designed and patented for running in deep water to challenge your core muscles and build up your leg and arm muscles while eliminating the discomfort of wearing a belt. To eliminate any wear and tear on your joints, but build up the muscles supporting your joints, this is the ultimate tough exercise that burns the maximum amount of calories with no adverse effects on your joints! SPLASH! Spats give you just enough flotation so that you are free to exercise and balance in deep water. The SPATS are also excellent for shallow water exercises and dance exercises in water and can be worn in conjunction with BEMA Schwimmfluegels for maximum flotation and resistance. Try our SPLAHSDANCE Class on Wednesdays and Fridays from 1 to 2:30 PM at Delco Plaza Pool in Winchester, VA!You don't even feel that you are wearing this amazing product while you exercise in deep or shallow water...they are so comfortable, unlike our competitors' products!

Have you ever wanted to be suspended in water like an astronaut in outer space? If you want to experience the same feeling of weightlessness that our NASA astronauts feel in outer space (a feeling of no gravity - ultimate weightlessness), try our SPLASH SPATS! Especially if you are recovering from a running or joint injury, stay active and build endurance without further injury to your joints. This product offers you the safest way to exercise with absolutely no impact on your joints! Purchase our Exclusive Water Exercise Book with targeted water exercises for all major muscle groups designed especially for SPATS in deep and shallow water.

We are looking for an investor to help us produce this amazing product for all of our customers to use! It requires a small investment (approximately $15,000) and once you try our product you will believe in its multiple benefits! Contact us at 1-888-775-2744