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Regatta Buoy 4 ft to 9 ft high - Currently not available

Regatta Buoy 4 ft to 9 ft high - Currently not available
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Product Description

Crewsaver Race Marks Feature double skin construction, with a heavy duty outer cover protecting the inner inflator resulting in a lightweight but tough buoy. Easy to handle, simple to deflate, and compact to store when not in use. A mooring harness complete with thimbles for ground tackle comes fitted to the base. To stabilize the buoys in water, a 56 pound weight should be attached to the 4, 5 and 6 foot buoys and a 112 pound weight to 7 and 9 foot models (we have found that most people are using about half of the recommended stabilizing weight with good results and less back problems). Orange is standard, but other colors, including yellow, are available. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Inflation Reminder: Be sure to leave your marks slightly under inflated to prevent rupturing as the air inside expands.Damage can occur if marks are fully inflated on a cool morning then taken onto the water on a hot afternoon.