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SPLASH SPATS (Buoyant) for Deep Water Running

SPLASH SPATS (Buoyant) for Deep Water Running
Item# SPAT1234
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Product Description

Effortless and comfortable for the best way to run in deep water! Exclusive design by SPLASH! International, Inc., this product can be worn for extra resistance and buoyancy in shallow water and in deep water where it gives an exerciser just enough buoyancy to allow for complete freedom to work out in lakes, oceans, or pools in deep water. This product needs little to no care and is always ready for your next workout! So comfortable, you'll forget you are wearing them. Constructed of foam to promote buoyancy covreed with neoprene for longevity. FIts the ankle and with a strap under the foot to anchor the spat, the product stays put while you are exercising!