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Storage Bags

Storage Bags
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Product Description

Our sturdy polyester mesh duffle bags feature full-length zippers and comfortable shoulder straps. Ideal for stowing and carrying multiple sets of HYDRO-FIT Hand Buoys, Cuffs, or Belts. Our Instructor Gear Bag measures 15" high x 15" deep x 36" wide and holds 12 pairs of Hand Buoys, 12 pairs of Cuffs or 16 WAVE Belts®. Proudly Made In the USA.

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Good bag - right size, quick shipping, small defect 3 Star Review Posted by Tyson on 6th Apr 2021

I have ordered Hydrofit products in the past and had a positive experience. So, that lead me to order a new, larger bag for my business as an aquatic bodyworker. I ordered the Instructor bag and was pleasantly surprised by how quickly I received the bag, but upon filling the bag up for the first time, I noticed a 2 inch opening along the seam line next to the zipper's end on the right side of the bag. It looks like the seam that was once in tact, is slowly separating. I sadly have to travel with the bag with too short of timeline to send it back or get it replaced, so I simply used some safety pins to close the hole, and all is well. Just wanted to bring the issue to the attention of the team to prevent someone else having a similar problem.

Instructor Gear Bag 4 Star Review Posted by Unknown on 21st Sep 2015

Good purchase and I don't regret buying it. I planned to use it for transporting my Star Kickboards but it's just a tad too short for my 20 kickboards. My noodles and barbells all fit but not the kickboards. I plan to purchase the facility bag in the future which may handle the kickboards.