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Correct Toes - Toe Spacers

Correct Toes - Toe Spacers
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Product Description

What Makes Correct Toes Unique

Designed to restore original toe splay and alignment Created by sports podiatrist Dr. Ray McClanahan Made of durable and flexible medical-grade silicone Naturally antimicrobial and hypoallergenic Promotes balance and optimal foot and toe circulation

Can be used in foot-shaped footwear for maximum corrective effect Easily modifiable for unique feet and toes Can be used on bare feet, over toes socks or in healthy footwear Is a reasonably-priced alternative to orthotics or surgery Designed to prevent or address many foot and toe problems


Align toes and improve balance and stability. Similar to braces impacting the alignment of teeth, Correct Toes slowly and progressively change foot architecture. Structural changes create a wider base of support, improving balance, proprioception, gait, and posture. Strengthen muscles throughout the foot and lower leg. Accompanied by naturally-shaped footwear, Correct Toes encourage the foot to move, flex, and bend. As muscles strengthen, the foot is able to support itself, eliminating the need for artificial arch support and orthotics. Restore foot function and relieve foot pain. Correct Toes is a foot health tool that can be used to restore normal and natural foot and toe function. Foot pain and problems can be resolved when the toes are realigned in the way that nature intended.