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TYR Voyager Blue Mask Snorkel Fin Set - 2021

TYR Voyager Blue Mask Snorkel Fin Set - 2021
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Product Description

Get to exploring in TYR's first ever Voyager Mask Snorkel Fin Set.

With an array of innovative features packed into each product, this trio of adventure necessities is everything you need for underwater excitement. Voyager fins maintain a closed pocket design for improved foot support. Upward turned edges eliminate discomfort while side foot vents enable drainage and treaded soles increase grip. Plus, strategically placed holes conform to the foot, accommodating a variety of sizes.

Constructed with Hydroflex technology, each fin is built to maximize power output and fluid movement through the water, while using minimal energy and avoiding lower leg strain.

In addition to a removable Silicone mouthpiece and a purge valve, the Voyager snorkel includes a dry top design that prevents water from entering the tube airway when submerged under water. Also constructed with Hydroflex technology, the LVMSF snorkel's Liquid Silicone tube flexes without kinking for optimized airflow. The unabridged anterior of the Voyager mask delivers extended peripheral vision for 360 degree, panoramic optics and enhanced underwater surveillance.

All products are designed to quickly adjust and unfasten for trouble-free, on and off wear. Rapid release system in all 3 products Mask: 360 degree Panoramic optics for enhanced underwater surveillance Fins: Power stretch foot pockets for extended movability, Hydroflex technology for maximized power Snorkel: Dry top prevents water from entering the tube Sizing: Small US Men (3.5-6.55) US Women (<8.5), Medium US Men (7-10) US Women (9-12), Large US Men (10.5-13) US Women (12.5-15)