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Water Gear Fitness Handbars in Six Sizes 2020

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Product Description

Get the perfect size handbar that you need! Water Gear handbars are designed to increase resistance wile exercising in the water. This is achieved by resisting the buoyancy of the foam "weights" wanting to come back to the surface of the water, and by the displacement of the water as the bars are pushed and pulled through the water. The bars can also be placed under the arms to assist in floating you during deep and shallow water exercises. THis eliminates or reduces impact on the lower extremities and allowing for a variety of other exercises to be performed. These foam weights are made of soft, high density, closed cell EVA foam that will not absorb water or chip. Try our graduated fitness challenges with these exclusive foam handbars Dimensions and percentage exertions are the percent of increase over hand resistance and are as follows: Size A - 40% Foam discs = 2" Wide, Disc Diameter = 6", Handbar Length = 9" Foam Color: Green; Size B - 50% Foam discs = 2.5" Wide, Disc Diameter = 6", Handbar length = 9.5" Foam Color: Yellow and Green combined Size C - 60% Foam Discs =3.25" Wide, Disc Diameter = 6", Length of Handbar = 12" Foam Color: Yellow; Size D = 80% Foams Discs = 4" Wide, Disc Diameter = 6", Length of Handbar = 12.5" Foam Color: Blue; Size E - 99% Foam Discs = 5" Wide, Disc Diameter = 6", Length of Handbar = 15", Foam Color: Yellow and Blue combined; Size F - 120% Foam Discs = 5" wide, Disc Diameter = 7", Length of Handbar = 14.5 ", Foam Disc Color = Blue and Green combined